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KATA CANDY BOWLS — a nice and all-around helpful home décor solution

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They fit almost any interior design scheme

This set of cute candy bowls is of gorgeous beige color that’s pleasing to the eye. The bowls won’t really stand out and hit the eye, but will organically compliment their surroundings.

This is a great storage solution

Put your car keys in it, use it as candy bowls in your kitchen or keep it in your bedroom for small personal belongings — whatever you need to organize, the bowl set we’re selling at Our Home Coconut is a smart storage option.

The material is of the highest quality

All-natural jute that’s used in making these bowls is an excellent and eco-friendly material. It’s not only beautiful, but also quite sturdy and very pleasant to hold and touch.

Different sizes meet different needs

As these bowls are sold in a set of four, they differ in size. So, you can put one near your doorway as you enter your home and use other bowls in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway according to the things you’ll be putting in them.

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